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Sion Roberts

Sion Roberts was appointed Head of Academy for RUSTA during its conception in October 2014.

After 22 years as aircrew in the RAF, initially on Nimrod MR2 aircraft, Sion was perfect for the role as Head of Academy as he spent his last 6 years of service operating and instructing on the MQ9 Reaper in the United States. Although Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) platforms, like the MQ9, are very different from SUAS that are operating commercially today, Sion was able to take many valuable skill sets from his time in the USA and apply them into an instructional SUAS role that has proved to be of great value to commercial operators. Sion has written several courses for RUSTA and manages a world-class team of ex service aircrew and support staff who are now leading the field in SUAS instruction.

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